I became a survivor the minute I was born and I’ve been fighting ever since. In 1968, I came into this world 2 minutes after my twin. I was born too early, fighting for life. I won that first battle. My childhood was filled with constant adversity. Having had health challenges such as asthma. I was constantly visiting the ER. School was very difficult as I had a learning disability, but this was just another challenge. I worked harder than my classmates. I had speech problems in school and was told I should never be a teacher, so I earned a BA in Education. My early life of rising up after constantly bringing knocked down really prepared me for adulthood, where the challenges became harder to overcome, but I did.

Although. I had risen up again and again from life’s challenges, I was not prepared to battle my biggest challenge, my health.

I was unprepared to deal with a major health crisis in my early forties, like most people. After suffering a traumatic brain injury which was wrongly diagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease. Then came the diagnosis of heart failure, followed by severe depression.

As a healthcare educator, and patient, I wanted to educate and share my experience with others. I created Healthcare University to promote health literacy through education, empower others through sharing of experiences, and support through building a online support community to connect and share.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner John and our puppy Daisy.