I am a new author of My Heart Book. I wrote this book to educate patients diagnosed with heart disease.

I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2013. Hearing those words ” you have heart failure” was scary and shocking. This began a journey I never expected to take. Life became difficult as I was a single mom, now with a serious illness. At first it was difficult to manage my disease, taking multiple medications, weighing myself everyday, measuring my fluid intake and finding low sodium food options. I was unable to work and it was a financial burden.

I was a healthcare educator for many years. Although I was unable to teach in a classroom, I knew I could educate others in a different way. I wanted to share my heart failure experiences with others, so I wrote My Heart Book.

My heart failure has progressed to end stage. I hope to receive a heart transplant to save my life. Now I have gratitude for everyday. I practice mindfulness and try my best to focus on the present.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.” -Alice Morse Earle

I my free time I enjoys spending time at the Oregon Coast, playing tennis, photography, time with loved ones, and my goldendoodle puppy, Daisy.