The Depth Of You

Over the last several years, I have had to dig deep, and deeper to extract the courage, and strength to survive the challenges of life. I am a miner of my soul.

What I found on my mining expeditions is that the depth is infinite. There is an unlimited amount of courage, and strength. No matter how much mining is done, the supply is unlimited.

I have been knocked down into the mine shaft more than anyone I know. I have raised two wonderful children, one with special needs as a single mom.

In 2009 I suffered a head injury, which six months later I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I was on heavy medications for this condition for several years, only to realize I was misdiagnosed, I really had a traumatic brain injury. It would take specialist’s nine years to figure this out.

I was thrown down the mine shaft again, being diagnosed with heart failure in my early forties. As my condition deteriorated, life-threatening arrhythmias set in. Cardiac arrest was a possibility every day until a defibrillator was placed in my chest.

Each time I have to dig deeper in the mine to find courage and strength to go on.

Although I don’t know the depth of my mine, the deepest I have had to go was dealing with severe depression. I could not find courage, or strength, I was lost in the mine in total darkness, hope fading. For a brief period, I gave up, so beat down from the constant struggles of life. Blinded by the darkness of my depression, I sensed courage and strength surrounded me, what I found most plentiful in the deepest part was love. The love of my kids, family, and friends raised me up. I found courage and strength once again to recover from the days spent in the deepest part of the mine.

Life presents challenges every day, no one is immune. We all have the ability to dig deep within to rise up with courage and strength. If you have challenges in your life, remember you are stronger than you realize. Your mine has unlimited courage and strength. You just need to dig deep to find it.

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