Time Travel

Did you know you can travel back in time?

When life gets stressful, overwhelming, or I just need a break, I take a trip. Here is an sample from my new book , Up North.

When I close my eyes, I’m sitting on the dock in the early morning, the lake quiet, and still. I watch as my red and white bobber floats nearby, attached to my bamboo pole looking intently for any dip. There’s a loon singing, swimming in the distance disappearing in the water, wondering where he’ll resurface.  I look back at the bobber one dip, wait for it, two dips, then down, I yank my pole, hello little perch. It flops around on the dock as I free him from the hook and throw him back in the water. I grab a slimy minnow from the bucket, throw my line back in and repeat. The early morning on the lake is peaceful, just the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the loon singing. Soon the lake will come alive with summer speedboats, waterskiers, and music from the resort down the beach. I open my eyes, back to reality.

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