Are we meant to be happy?

Recently this question was asked by a member of my online community.

What is happiness?

Definition is happiness is a state of well-being or contentment.

Aristotle said:

“Happiness is a state of activity.”

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. Happiness is an emotion. Emotions come and go. I don’t know anyone who is happy all the time. No one is immune from the struggles of life. We all experience a variety of emotions everyday. I believe people who experience more positive emotions, experiences and look at struggles in their life as opportunities experience more joy and contentment.

You need to define your own happiness, not what society or others idea of happiness.

For me happiness is not about how much money I have, how big my house is, how many friends I have on social media, but my happiness is finding joy in my everyday through gratitude, participating in pleasurable activities, and spending time with friends and loved ones. In my life I’ve had many struggles to overcome and there have been times when I couldn’t find happiness, but nothing lasts forever. Happiness is a something I continue to strive for in my life.

For me happiness is a warm puppy.

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